User Guide

What is spegame?

The wind of change is blowing everywhere;

It is high time to eradicate the mechanical and monotonous lifestyle.

Yes, we introduce the dawn of a new era that is spegame which assist you to think and work in a unique way.

It is a new networking platform which offers the users to be a part of leading generate and get a chance to earn money by sharing advertisements and forming groups.

This web application consists of different portals that means, it is a supermarket of all online services, and moreover, the basic concept is everything under one roof.


According to a research in 2007, the leading social media users were about half a million only, but currently it is almost about 126 million in India. As per a research report by IAMAI, out of 300 million users, 40% people are using leading social media network. Actually, leading social media and other social media sites have prime reason for internet penetration in the urban and rural region of the country.

We devote our valuable time for these social networks but what we earn from this? Absolutely nothing. For an average Indian/ Keralite use these social Medias for gaming, chatting or just to make comments on public issues, by this they are wasting time. Now we incorporate a new idea of sparing your precious time for a better life in society.

So what about spegame?

Even though spegame looks like a social networking site, we give an opportunity to the users to earn money by promoting advertisements and adding others to spegame. This process moves on and the account holder is getting financial benefits.

There is no entry fee.

Only you need to register and form an spegame account.

On your right hand side, you can see a notification bar. There you will get notifications about followers, messages, and the response of the advertisements you have already shared. You can also send invitations through e-mails. In addition to that, sponsored advertisements will be seen below this notification bar. Everything is promoted and sponsored by Spega technologies Pvt Ltd.

On your left, you can view your profile picture and cover photo. It also gives details about your followers and updates. Below that you can see an easy access links section. It includes the same links that shown in the navigation bar.

Below that you will see a bar which contains your follower's details.


On your right-hand side, you can see a notification bar. There you will get notifications about followers, messages, the advertisements you shared etc... You can also send invitations through emails. You can see sponsored advertisements below this notification bar.


By creating an account in you can handle a huge repository of various services. The following portals are available in

  1. Education
  2. Job Consultancy
  3. Matrimonial
  4. Real estate
  5. Buy and sell
  6. E-shop
  7. His-Story

You can observe these services on the right hand side of top most corner. Besides, you can receive notifications with the profiles that you are added in the portals on the left hand side of your home page.


This page brings complete details such as location, affiliation, course validity and terms & conditions of the particular educational institution as per your request.

Would you like to widen your knowledge horizon? If yes, this is the golden opportunity. Explore this interesting quiz section that is brain storming. Spark your knowledge with fun.


This page shows various candidate details. If you are an employer, you can select profiles as per your requirements and if you are searching for a job, create a job profile in precise details with limited payment. You will be able to find the most suitable job.

When you click the Job link in the menu bar you will reach the home page of Jobs. In this page, you can see various profiles of job seekers. If you are an employer you can view these profiles by clicking . Also, if you need to check these profiles later add them to favorites by clicking on this symbol . is the place you can see the profiles once you added. If you are a job seeker, please go to job vacancy page using this link . In this page, you will see different job requirements. If you need to view the details, you may click on the view details button. If you wish to apply for that particular post please click this button .


To get a suitable alliance, an average Indian may consume almost 2 to 4 years even if he/she has already joined in a matrimonial site and paying their charges. This amount may increase gradually depends upon the duration of the advertisement.

But, spegame is truly different

To create a profile in spegame matrimonial the concerned person need to pay Rs.1800 as normal charges but as a special launching offer only Rs. 300 to be paid for one year. Once you get a better match your profile will be removed from the site.

spegame Matrimonial provides numerous profiles from across the globe. If you are in search of the best life partner, this is the apt place for you. When you click the matrimonial link you will be redirected to a page where numerous profiles are added. It is called as the home page. You can use the search options to filter your priorities.

Once you get a good match you can send an interest. Otherwise, you can add them to My Favourites. This will help you to check their profiles whenever you need. Express interest is the place where you can see the profiles that you had send interest. Also, you can see the interests that you got for your matrimonial profile.

Some people may hide their contact details for privacy. You need to send a request to view contact details. If you hide your contact details you will get the profile requests to view that. When you get the contact details, you can proceed with that.

spegame is just a medium to connect!!!

Once your marriage got fixed, your profiles will be removed. You need to contact the customer care for this. When you click the view profile you can watch the full details.

On the top just above the search box, you will see the My Favourites were the favorite profiles you added. In the same place, you can see the express interest link where you can see the profiles that you gave an interest. 'Profile requests' is the link where you will get the details about the people who interested in you.

Real estate:

Are you interested to buy a plot/building/villa/Flat etc....?

spegame is there to support you.....

Normally when we start thinking about the purchase of the above mentioned items we will be confused with the interference of mediators or agents and their commissions.

Be proud to be a direct customer and forget about those mediators because spegame is ready to serve you with the complete details and pictures of the property.

On the other hand if you want to sell your property just create a profile and pay the minimum charge, surely you will get quick enquiries.

Come and join with spegame for this wonderful experience.

spegame Real Estate provides purchase of land, plots, flats, houses, villas and other commercial buildings in a single click. when you click on the 'Real estate' link, you will be redirected to the homepage of 'Real Estate'. Here you can search the various property profiles and can select the most satisfied. If you select more than one profile, you can add them to favorites by clicking on this icon . If you want to send an interest for a particular profile use this icon . is the button to view the details of a particular profile.

is the place where you can see the interest received for your item. If you are looking for the interests you send, you will get the details from this link .

Buy and sell:

Unfortunately, it is really a hard task to find out the best deal and probably non-profitable. Here is the complete solution for your best deal by using spegame as a tool.

You can advertise the information about the product you need to sell, by investing a little amount of money. At the same time an account holder can view different items that are listed for sale and contact the seller directly for purchase.

This page provides you the various items ranging from household to tools that you may wish to buy or sell. First, when you click the 'Buy and Sell' icon you will reach the homepage which displays a variety of products.

In each profile, you will see add favorites link to add them to my favorite list. When you click the you can see all the details about the product. You can contact the buyer or seller for the deal.

If you click the send interest icon an interest will be placed. You can use the send enquiry option to get more information about that product. 'My favourites' is the place where you can see your favorite products that you listed earlier. 'interest received' is the place where you will see the received interests for the products you have added.

Add a post is the link which helps to add your requirements. It can be either buy or sell. view post is the link that provides details about the requirements you posted earlier.


spegame is a group of well talented personalities who are preparing the most amazing experience for you with a social media and we know that it is your long term dream to have E-Shopping.

'His' Story

Now we have another fascinating section which can be seen only on That means 'His' Story . Let us consider what it is!

Generally, we read the autobiography of well known personalities but here the doors are opened for the common people. An spegame account holder can share his own stories and personal life experiences (No plagiarism) by following the same rules and regulations of the other portals of spegame. There is no restriction of number of entries. Once you share the stories, the patent will be with spegame and further claims will not be entertained.

Coming Soon...

spegame 50+ Services

Vehicle insurance, Health insurance, General insurance, Medical insurance, Two wheeler loan, Four wheeler loan, Agricultural loan, Business loan, Overdraft, Home loan, Recurring deposits(bank), Fixed deposits(bank), Tour operations(worldwide), PAN Card, Passport, Trademark registration, Catering service, Web space, Web development, Domain registration, Online advertisements, Hoarding advertisements, Product branding, Building construction, Landscaping, Structure work, Truss work, Wiring/Plumbing, Share trading A/c, Mobile trading A/c, Currency trading A/c, Room rent, Auditorium booking, Rent a car, Rent house, Online purchasing, Taxi registration, Air bus registration, Tourist taxi.... AND LOT MORE....