Getting on spegame

How to Create a spegame Account?

  1. Visit
  2. Click on

  3. Provide your valid email id and mobile number (which is currently active), your desired username and password. Remember that password and username are the keys to unlock the spegame account. For the password, we recommend at least 6 characters. click on and now you are a part of the spegame web world. Hearty welcome user!!!
  4. The first part of registration is over. In the second part You need to give the country, state and city details. Then you need to verify your account. For that enter the activation code sent to your mobile number. Once you enter this code your profile will be verified. Or you can use the activation mail send to your mail address.
  5. Just enter your username, password and press the
After successful login you have to update your profile information otherwise, people may have difficulty in identifying you.

Steps for updating profile information:

Click on the rightmost icon on the top bar

and select settings from the drop-down menu.

In this new window you can see 6 tabs: Profile , personal , academic/work , about , account and my team.

  • Email: You can see your registered email here you can't update that.
  • Name: Here you can provide your name. Remember this name will show in your profile and also peoples can identify you using this name.
  • Password: You can change your password here. Just click on the link and provide old password, new password and confirm password then Click
  • Profile picture: You can add your profile picture here. It's your choice to select the Profile pictures. You can add profile picture with maximum size 300KB. Click

    Then you can add information like gender, DOB, status and religion.

    After providing the above details you can click then you will get a message which shows your update is successful or not.

Information providing in this tab are very important and we provide 100 percent security for this data and also remember that you can't update the information once you entered.

You have to provide your current communication address, pin code, country, state, and city. You can see your registered email id and mobile number here.

Account details

In this section, you have to provide your

  • Bank Name
  • Bank Branch
  • Account Number
  • IFSC Code
Remember to provide details of an active account .You can't update these details once you entered .without providing this details you are not able to receive the benefits of

After providing all these details you can click


In this tab, you can provide your academic and job information here. Please try to provide relevant information. There are 3 sections:

  • School
  • College
  • Work

This section is to share your Favorites, Hobbies, Languages and your life events with spegame. You can update information in this section when you want !!!

Profile update will complete after entering information in this 4 tabs.


This tab providing information about your spegame benefits.

You can earn money using 2 ways.

They are, inviting your friends to spegame using invite friends option

Once your friends joined in spegame you will get money. Second way is, by sharing the advertisements. You can share an advertisement only once. That will provide you amount. You can see this amount through this tab at anytime.

My Team

This tab shows the profiles of other spegame members those who are registered with your sponsor id. This is a team you can share your advertisements within the group.

How to find people in spegame?

You can find peoples by just searching their names and you don't need to send request .you just follow them.

What is "Following"?
These are the people that you've chosen to "follow". It basically means that you'll receive their updates in your profile.

Who are "Followers"?
These are the people who have chosen to follow you. Your followers can view your updates.